EP 3250 käsineet


  • EP 3250 Full Finger Gloves perform in active offshore environments
  • Thermal moulded 3mm neoprene on backs keeps hands warm
  • Synthetic leather on fingers promotes grip wet conditions
  • Heavy duty palm overlays and flexible construction stand up to constant abrasion
  • Silicon grip closure tucks under wrist to avoid snags
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These full finger gloves protect against abrasion and provide durable grip in wet conditions. The moulded 3mm neoprene on the back of the hand keeps the warmth in and the water out, while synthetic leather on the fingers provides a strong hold. Heavy-duty PVC overlay on the palms makes these seriously tough gloves. A snag-free silicon grip closure tucks under your wrist and guarantees a secure fit. The EP 3250 Full Finger Gloves are the most dependable racing gloves on the market.



XS, S, M, L, XL