When it comes to being dry, protected, and comfortable on the water the sum of material, selection, design, and construction is truly greater than each individual part.

Mustang has 30+ years of experience building dry suits and outerwear for demanding elite users. Our philosophy is to maximize product performance to optimize human performance.


For users facing conditions and environments that require nothing less than ultimate protection. The most durable of the MarineSpec™ family, the 3 layer MarineSpec™ BP possesses a highly durable face fabric with abrasion, salt water and UV resistance, internally, a fully waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane with micro-porous coating that keeps wearers comfortable and dry. Utilizing a thicker membrane provides the highest waterproof performance of the range with additional durability against puncture, tear, and delamination.



Developed specifically for the user seeking unparalleled protection that suits their adventure of choice. MarineSpec SP is a 3 layer fabric system that offers users waterproof and windproof protection with exceptional breathability. The same face fabric used in MarineSpec™ BP, provides abrasion, salt water and UV resistance. On the inside, a fully waterproof and windproof membrane keeps the elements out, while maintaining a high level of breathability. Choose MarineSpec™ SP outerwear for a variety of marine activities.


For the marine environment user seeking protection from the elements in a lightweight and highly breathable package. With MarineSpec™ MP, you get a mechanical stretch fabric that moves with its wearer and a soft hand for unparalleled comfort and feel. The 3 layer construction provides a waterproof and windproof fabric package with our highest breathability when the going gets sweaty. Think of it as the perfect layer to see the sun come up on an early morning out on the water or when the storm clouds roll in.


To choose our Marine-Spec™ material, we tested over 70 breathable materials in our lab. We evaluated 12 different material properties, totalling over 800 material tests. We then took them out in the field for real-world testing. Our data pointed to one answer—Marine-Spec™: the ultimate combination of waterproofness, durability, and breathability. Marine-SpecTM keeps marine weather out, is highly breathable so you stay comfortable on the inside, and is hard-wearing for heavy use.


Our team of designers understand the marine environment. They know where water is most likely to enter a garment and have created designs to minimize exposed areas while still allowing the user full freedom of movement.


Our engineers obsess over the technical details that go into every one of our products. Seam construction, leak tests, pressure tests, are just a few of the construction methods that are constantly being innovated on in our in-house R&D and testing center.