C20 seeria kompass 00138


  • Boat type: Service Vessels / Fishing
  • Card size: 125 mm
  • Card style: Flat
  • Card scale: Every 1.0 degrees
  • Compensation B+C: Optional
  • Sensor direction: Optional
  • Lighting: Optional
  • Azimuth ring / Sighting vanes: Optional
  • Quadrantal correctors: Built-in
  • Warranty: 10 years


Bracket Mount Compass For Steel Vessels C20-00138

A modern professiona looking bracket mounted class A compass with steel boat quadrantal correctors.

Guarantees and Certifications:
Module D class A

Module B class A

Catalog and drawings:
C20 00138 catalog
C20 00138 instructions
C20 00138 drawing
B+C corrector manual

Directive 2014/90/EC on marine equipment

USCG Type approval marking

Optional accessories
Corrector kit B+C – ref. B+C
NMEA0183 TMC sensor – ref. C20-00132
Azimuth ring / Sighting vanes – ref. C20-00136


Autonautic Instrumental