Ülakompass CHE 0078 kommertslaeavadele


  • 125 mm 5,75″ dial
  • 1 degree graduation
  • B+C correctors built-in
  • hardened steel pivot and sapphire jewel
  • night lighting 12/24V
  • Type MED/ SOLAS approved
  • Individual MED/ SOLAS certificate
  • overall dimensions 195×110 mm+mirror
  • warranty 5 years
  • optional accessories: quadrant correctores CHE 0079


This compass is designed for mounting overhea so that it can be read from below.

The compass is fitted with a black 125mm flat card graduated every degree.

125mm grade-to-grade graduation card compass, designed for installation on the roof of the boat.

Guarantees and Certifications:
Download module D class B
Download module B class B

Catalog and drawings:
CHE 0078 catalog
CHE 0078 overall dimensions
CHE 0078 instructions
CHE 0078 mirror assembly

Directive 2014/90/EC on marine equipment



Autonautic Instrumental